my heart is the worst kind of weapon.

I'm nineteen and very, very sad. The only thing I'm better at than being depressed is pretending that I am not.

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i honestly didn’t think i’d make it to 2014.

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do you ever just feel like you’re just completely worthless and unattractive on a physical and emotional level and you’re just never good enough because there’s always someone else that overpowers you with their pretty face and personality and you just instantly back down because you feel you have literally nothing to fight against with

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i hope one day you are at peace with yourself. i hope you can take a shower without crying and you can close your eyes without thinking about your funeral. i hope one day you start singing in the shower again and are happy for no reason. i hope you get better, because you really deserve to. 

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I just want to be thin and pretty and funny and cute and mentally stable

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I eat too much for a girl who’s trying to lose weight 

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